Warehouse Efficiency – Another Key to Your Success with Retailers

With the explosive growth of B2C drop ship order processing, consumer expectations – and consequently your retail partner expectations – are changing rapidly.   Warehouse operations are now squarely in the cross-hairs to ship product in shorter and shorter time frames.  Not to mention the overall increase in pick and pack workload because of the transition to small package shipments.    

I’m sure you’ve worked to meet the compliance requirements mandated by each of your retail partners.  You have probably also worked very hard to process more on-time orders each day with fewer errors. But if you still have a bottleneck in the pick, pack and ship areas of your warehouse, you still won’t meet retailer expectations and they will limit the amount of business they bring your way.

In many ways, this can be the most difficult thing to correct, if for no other reason than the sheer size of the warehouse, its organization and imbedded ways of doing things.

Overcoming this last obstacle requires planning, analytics and tools that minimize time and motion in the pick and pack process while also improving their accuracy.  It also requires Management Support Tools that provide the ability to monitor picker and packer productivity, see problems and make changes as the workload fluctuates and changes throughout the day. 

So, increase the number of on-time, accurate shipments each day, process more B2C drop ship orders each day AND meet retailer compliance requirements.  Simple? Right?

If not, power up with OPAL.  It accomplishes all three things for you, while increasing revenue and profitability for your business. 

OPAL is a self-driving Warehouse Management, Order Processing and Productivity Software Solution that enables you to increase warehouse shipment capacity by 50%+ daily, cut the cost to process an order to less than $1.00, and provide 100% compliant operations for retailers.