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Empowering Better Business with Opal

Increasing Orders Processed and Revenue

The biggest advantage to being a valued supplier to a retailer is the opportunity to get even more orders through that sales channel.  Having more orders means more sales and more revenue for your business. Opal combines all of your order processing and warehouse management activities into one AUTONOMOUS software platform – NO Warehouse Management System, NO Shipping Software, NO Retailer Portals, and NO EDI companies or documentation charges. You just pick and pack and OPAL handles the rest.
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Nurturing a Profitable Relationship with Retailers

It’s the most important relationship your business has.  It’s also an incredibly important relationship for your retailers.  When everything goes well, everybody wins. You already know the advantages retailers get out of working with you as a Drop Ship Vendor (DSV).  ...

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“The reason why one man is great and another man is living in mediocrity is simply because one understood the value of time while the other did not.”

― Sunday Adelaja

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