The Future of eCommerce 


Do you ever wonder what new, unexpected changes you will face to stay current, profitable and relevant to your customers?  There are new emerging trends every day and suppliers are often struggling just to stay current with what’s happening right now, much less what the future may throw at them.

1. The Future of EDI?

Many suppliers are trying to figure out how to meet retailer requirements regarding EDI technology, cost and handling.  However, the unrelenting pace of eCommerce and the proliferation of drop shipping is forcing retailers themselves to rethink the use of such an outdated tool as the backbone of their business operations.  

Successful retailers are working to implement technologies that work in real time, such as APIs, that allow data to be transmitted from one system to another in seconds WITHOUT those expensive EDI Document fees for themselves and their suppliers.  EDI may become a thing of the past over the next 5-10 years – or even sooner. You need a solution that removes EDI from your business process.

2. The Future of Order Processing?

Many suppliers are working twice as hard to fulfill orders and deliver them to consumers in a much shorter period of time AND meet ever stricter Retailer Compliance Requirements.  However, to do this without also increasing your operating costs and labor costs, you need to embrace real-time order processing that manages everything without human involvement on a 24×7 basis.

3. The Future of Warehouse Management?

With the explosive growth of drop ship order processing, consumer expectations – and consequently your retail partner expectations – are changing rapidly.   Warehouse operations are now squarely in the cross-hairs to ship product in shorter and shorter time frames.  Not to mention the overall increase in pick and pack workload because of the transition to small package shipments.    

To support this, you must maximize your warehouse’s efficiency and adopt the analytical and productivity tools needed to dramatically increase the number of shipments that can be made each day and their accuracy.  


I know that it all sounds insurmountable, but consider powering up with OPAL.  It prepares you for the future in all three areas, while also increasing revenue and profitability for your business so that it pays for itself.  OPAL is a self-driving Warehouse Management, Order Processing and Productivity Software Solution that enables you to increase warehouse shipment capacity by 50%+ daily, cut the cost to process an order to less than $1.00, remove the cost of EDI documents and provide 100% compliant operations to your retailers.

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