Are you ready to combine all of your ecommerce services into one convenient software solution?

OPAL is the only fully automated, no-touch, self-driving order processing and fulfillment solution for small businesses. It will revolutionize and simplify the way you work with retailers, e-tailers, and shopping carts. The OPAL order fulfillment process automates receiving, processing, and invoicing orders through ERP accounting systems. This allows you to create your own packing slips and custom third-party packing slips per retailers’ guidelines. In addition, OPAL creates third party shipping labels and provides these to your warehouse while simultaneously updating inventory and one-ship sending, back tracking information, invoices, and inventory updates to retailers tracking packages. 

There are many ERP accounting systems out there that provide standard order processing modules. OPAL is an extension to their order processing capability so that you can automate accounting transactions and connect directly with your retailers, e-tailers, shopping cart, and warehouse systems. You might be using a third-party supply chain management company to process orders and connected you to your retailers or you may be using an EDI service company to translate transmitted order fulfillment information.

How is OPAL different from these order fulfillment services?

  1. We provide a no-touch, smart system.This means that while our competitors offer a system that requires trained staff to process every order, OPAL knows how to handle every order with 100% compliance and without any human intervention.
  2. We eliminate staff capacity bottlenecks with competitor systems. Order processing capacity is limited by number of trained staffavailable to process orders. OPAL is self-driving and works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Order processing and fulfillment capacity is virtually unlimited.
  3. We lower the cost of doing business.Our competitors charge suppliers an unnecessary cost for EDI data transmission. OPAL is directly connected with retailer systems and does not incur anydata transmission costs.

OPAL allows you to grow business faster and make better use of your resources. When your business is more connected the possibilities are truly endless.

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