More profit per drop ship order, increasing the number of orders without adding staff to process them and doing it without paying for EDI documents.  What’s not to like?  Assume that you could:

  1. Handle 95%+ of your drop ship orders entirely autonomously (think ROBOT) without the need for order processing personnel and allow them to focus on that 3% – 5% that actually require human intelligence and intervention.  Given the number of minutes that they can spend on every drop ship order that typically equates to $3+ added to the profit margin on 95%+ of your incoming orders.  That’s a pretty substantial percentage on orders of less than $100. 
  2. Process incoming orders 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, autonomously, without adding staff.  This gives you the ability to increase order volume and grow your business exponentially without adding order processing staff and additional labor cost. 
  3. Remove EDI Document costs associated with 3rd party EDI companies and instead communicate with your retailers and e-tailers directly – AND WITHOUT GOING TO A PORTAL. Once again eliminating cost from processing your orders – both EDI and labor.  

OPAL provides the only INTELLIGENT and AUTONOMOUS (once again, think ROBOT) drop ship processing software solution that handles the vast majority of your drop ship orders in 8 seconds or less, in full compliance with your retailer and e-tailer requirements and without the need of a 3rd party company to communicate with them.  It even simplifies and speeds much of the Bulk Shipment order process, as well. 

Let’s face it, no business is identical.  Small or large, one size and process does not “fit all” businesses – OPAL is scalable and is configured to each business’ processes. It simply plugs into and works in conjunction with your Accounting System or ERP System, removing the need to make manual order processing related entries so that invoicing and inventory allocations are made instantly.  

In less than 8 seconds OPAL receives orders from retailers and e-tailers, manages all EDI document communication with them, processes and invoices orders through your ERP or Accounting System, creates picklists for the warehouse and creates packing slips and custom branded 3rd party shipping labels per any retailer’s or e-tailer’s requirement.  Once shipped, it sends back tracking information and invoices to the retailer or e-tailer, as well as tracking packages and sending inventory updates.  OPAL also lets you know when that small percentage of order exceptions occurs so that they can be addressed promptly.