It doesn’t matter if you are doing distribution center fulfillment, big box brick and mortar fulfillment or drop shipping directly to consumers.  For most businesses the holiday season is extremely busy, time consuming and even frustrating.   Especially if you’re not seeing the profits that you expect or need. 

Ultimately, every business must deliver product on time at the lowest possible cost.  To do that, however, you need to manage a lot of moving parts from manufacturing, to warehousing, to order processing and shipping – not to mention all of the exceptions that occur and possible, subsequent charge backs. 

One big part of successfully solving this puzzle should focus on a dramatic reduction in order processing time, order processing cost and order errors.  But how do you do that?

To start with, you need to understand where you are now – what is your cost per order?  If you’ve already done this, you deserve a large CONGRATULATIONS!  It includes things like:

  • Cost of the item
  • Retailer allowances
  • EDI document charges
  • EDI maintenance charges
  • Order processing labor
  • Warehouse cost
  • Shipping cost
  • Order exception processing labor
  • Business overhead
  • Manufacturer Rep commission

Now, what if you could eliminate the cost for things like EDI document charges, EDI management and troubleshooting labor, order processing labor, reduce order exceptions to less than 5% of your order volume, and replace it with a cost of LESS THAN $1.00 PER ORDER?  What would that do for your business and profitability?  OPAL can do that!