Now, really think about the difference for a minute.  My guess is that most everyone would say that they are “Automated”.  There’s probably an EDI service that downloads Purchase Orders from the retailer into an Accounting System or ERP System, and it probably also sends back documents to the retailer like Acknowledgement, Confirmation, ASN and invoice.  There’s also probably shipping software that creates shipping labels and feeds back the tracking number.  So, there are at least three (3) different pieces of software in the process with at least a few manual touches or interventions needed to keep everything on track.  AND the number of hours your team can work is usually limited, as well.

Now, what’s different about “Autonomous”?  Well, the definition of autonomous is: “Performed by a device capable of operating without direct human control”.  Here’s how that relates to order processing:

  • Receiving orders from your customer retailers and e-tailers in real-time
  • Managing all of their EDI transactions (i.e. 846, 850, 855, 856, 860, 997, etc.) with that retailer / e-tailer without a 3rd party company to retrieve, translate, send the data
  • Creating Sales Orders or Invoices in your ERP / Accounting System
  • Creating the custom branded 3rd party Packing Slips required by each retailer / e-tailer
  • Creating Carrier Shipping Labels, BOL and/or UCC128 Labels based on the PO received
  • Sending the Picklist to the warehouse, as well as all required shipping documentation, for pick, pack and ship operations
  • Tracking the shipment through that Carrier and communicating delivery status
  • Processing orders 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even when no one is in the office
  • Achieving all of this WITHOUT EDI Document Cost
  • Achieving all of this with one, low cost software platform that maximizes your existing investment in an ERP or Accounting System.

AUTONOMOUS order processing also enables an order to be processed through all of these steps in as little as 6 seconds.

Here’s another aspect to consider when balancing “Automated” versus “Autonomous”.  Do you have an order processing team that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the cost of one part-time Customer Service Representative?  Probably not, but this is what an Autonomous Order Processing Solution gives you.  And, you do not need to have a one size fits all solution. It’s configured to your processing work flow.