Do you ever have difficulty achieving expected – or sometimes even adequate – profits on drop ship orders?  Unlike bulk orders worth thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, drop ship orders are much more problematic when it comes to managing costs well enough for an order to be profitable.  

To complicate things, suppliers are seeing an exponential increase in the small orders to process, more retailer compliance requirements added to the fulfillment process, shorter and shorter acknowledgement and shipment deadlines, more opportunities for retailer chargebacks, and more and more staff to keep up with the load.  All of which impact profitability.

So, what leverage do you have to cut costs?  

The first way is to improve order processing efficiency through cost effective order processing systems.  This reduces the cost to process an order and also allows you to deliver more on-time orders each day with the same or fewer resources.  


Secondly, you can maximize your warehouse’s efficiency through cost effective warehouse productivity systems.  This dramatically increases the number of shipments made each day and their accuracy.  


And the third way is to be compliant with a retailer’s business processes.  This includes processing a retailer’s orders, complying with all of the necessary transactions, PO pricing, packaging, labeling, shipping documentation and accurate inventory feeds.  This significantly reduces unexpected retailer chargebacks and maximizes your business relationship with them.  

The bottom line is that OPAL addresses all of this for you and more.  It combines all of your order processing and warehouse management productivity requirements into one COST EFFECTIVE, AUTONOMOUS software platform:

  • No additional Order Processing System
  • NO additional Warehouse Management System
  • NO additional Shipping Software
  • NO Retailer Portals Needed
  • 100% Retailer Compliant
  • And NO EDI Document Charges.