Product Content – the information you provide on-line at retailer websites describing your product – is the secret ingredient when selling through e-Commerce Channels.  The depth of detail and the content design used to showcase your product on,,,,, etc., etc. determines if consumers are going to FIND your product and if they’re going to BUY it.  Consumers are taking charge of their own shopping journey and it’s becoming clear that you have to deliver a superior digital product experience to get their attention.     

According to Salsify, here’s how product content drives your e-commerce success: 

  1. It’s how your consumer finds you – 81% of shoppers conduct online research before they make a purchase.
  2. Product content is SEO gold, both with search engines and with retailers – Brands that submit content to Google can boost sales by as much as 25% for retailers advertising their products.
  3. It’s what drives sales – 73% of consumers cite detailed product content as their number one criteria for clicking the “Buy” button.
  4. And, it’s not optional – Your shoppers are digital, and all retailer and product related marketing activities require a baseline of accurate, approved, rich product content. 

Content and technology experts can also be helpful to create and store product content, especially when online sales are important to your brand strategy or you sell on multiple online marketplaces.  For further information on this topic click:  11 Rules to Deliver Product Content that Sells to view Salsify’s e-Book. 

Fortunately, the next hurdle will be scaling your business to efficiently and cost effectively process the increased influx of orders that great content management will generate for you.

Yes, there are challenges, especially in the e-commerce world where you’re shipping directly to consumers (Drop Shipping).  However, OPAL removes them and even greatly reduces the workload for Bulk Shipments (LTL, Truckload and Container) as well.  

For example, A LABOR INTENSIVE DROP SHIP ORDER WILL BE PROCESSED IN 8 SECONDS OR LESS.  This means you can receive orders from your customer retailers and e-tailers, manage all of their EDI transactions, process and invoice orders through your ERP and accounting system, create picklists, create packing slips and create custom branded 3rd party shipping labels and get them to the warehouse for pick, pack and ship – 24 hours per day, seven days per week – even when there’s no one in the office.  And, you are also able to do all of that WITH ZERO EDI DOCUMENT COST!