EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) was initially developed in the 1980’s as a way to send and receive data between computers.  At that time it was simple and easy to use.  With today’s constantly changing business needs an EDI solution with advanced features is needed.

Does your current EDI solution SIMPLIFY the way you do business by employing the following features?

Provide secure data conversion into and out of the EDI system, which is unique to each customer and trading partner, and connect the software/network for transporting data between suppliers and partners at ZERO cost for EDI documents.

Support all transactions, data formats and label requirements, including purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, invoices, creation and print of UCC-128 labels and branded packing slips.

Provide intelligence and self-management so that all EDI documents, invoicing, labels and packing slips based upon each retailer / e-tailer branding and formatting requirement are completed 24 hours per day, seven days per week, even when there’s no one in the office.

Work with your ERP / Accounting Software, automatically handling order processing related tasks without the need to logon and manually perform the tasks needed. 

Seamlessly integrate with your pick, pack and ship warehouse operations, streamlining the process and communicating with shipping carriers to provide delivery status and alerts.

Ensure services are easy to access and integrate. To be efficient, Internet access allows users to perform tasks regardless of whether they are in the company’s or partner’s facility, or a foreign country.

Allow business changes without interrupting existing systems. A solution is only as good as its capacity to accommodate a user’s unique business needs. Practical EDI solutions provide the necessary tools and are built to make transitions among partners painless and seamless without adding to your workload.