OPAL is the first and only smart platform that combines all of the needed drop ship automation capabilities into one place.  It , requires no human intervention, works 365×24, automates and enhances your ERP order processing capability, is fully compliant with all on-line marketplace requirements, provides document data translation and transmission without errors at zero cost, and works with your 3PL or warehouse to provide all labels and information needed to pick, pack, ship and track an order. And, best of all, it will process those drop ship orders in less than 8 seconds.

This kind of automation has become a necessity.  On-line marketplaces (Wayfair.com, Overstock.com, Walmart.com, Amazon.com, etc. etc.) all have increasingly high expectations.  After all, they need to enhance their brand, move ahead of their competition and reduce their order cost to a minimum.  More and more, they want their suppliers to drop ship from their own warehouse rather than one of their fulfillment centers, provide acknowledgement, tracking number, ship it in three (3) days maximum, provide accurate invoicing and provide them with accurate item inventory updates.

Unfortunately the tools they give you to do this are cumbersome and labor intensive, causing most suppliers to cobble a variety of technologies together to ease that labor intensity – all of which usually still requires some level of dedicated staff and time to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Consumer expectations, as well, are getting higher almost every day.  If they order something at 3:00am Saturday morning, they want to see an acknowledgement, tracking number and expected delivery date right away.  They also expect to receive that order in a few days at most.

Drop Shipping is difficult, costly and all too often not as profitable as it should be. A big part of that comes from everything required to meet your customer’s expectations.  You need process management and automation to succeed. There IS a better way to do this!  OPAL can do this!