The 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement*** is used by the supplier to indicate to the buyer that their purchase order will be filled as requested. Specific details such as items, price and quantities delivered will be represented in the document. The buyer then knows you will be filling the order and shipping the goods as requested, by the date requested, or that you will be unable to do so for some reason, such as being out of stock, or not agreeing to the terms of the purchase order.

What makes up the 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement document?

Elements could include vendor number, purchase order number, address information (street, city, state etc.), and an acknowledge/reject indication, identical to a paper or faxed Purchase Order Acknowledgement. 

How is the 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement used?

An 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement is sent by the supplier after receiving the 850 Purchase Order from the buyer.

****After the EDI document has been received, a 997 Functional Acknowledgement is sent back from the supplier indicating the EDI document was successfully received