Are you ready for the changes ahead?

Whether you are stretched thin and busy with shipping products to those shopping at home with this shelter-in-place, or business is slow and you are in need of preparation for the increased demand of the coming months, are you ready for the changes ahead?

Covid-19 changed everything overnight, and only businesses who innovate will survive and thrive. Now is the time to re-evaluate your business and see if you are prepared for the expected adjustments forced by cities sheltering-in-place, with few brick and mortar establishments considered as essential and open. Brick and mortal sales are far from healthy, while Covid-19 has caused eCommerce sales to explode.  

Are you ready for the rapid transition to large quantities of small-parcel drop ship orders?  Small and large eCommerce businesses must evolve to keep up with consumer demands.  With this overnight shift, it can be difficult to ramp up so quickly, keep relationships strong with your retailers and meet their growing requirements surrounding compliance, as well as timely and accurate inventory reporting needs to avoid overselling and underselling and on-time shipments to customers. 

Social distancing may have limited your business’s ability to hire and train new staff needed to expand with this ever-increasing demand for more shipped products.  Working from home and reducing the number of touch points is essential to stop the spread of this deadly virus, and this could potentially be detrimental to your business if processes are manual and require workers for every step.

Simplify with OPAL’s 4 in 1 Software Solution 

EDI | Order Management |Warehouse Management | Shipping

OPAL is the only touchless, self-driving drop ship and order fulfillment software solution in the market today, working 24×7 even when there’s no one in the office.  It processes your orders and makes them ready for picking, packing and shipping when warehouse personnel arrive in the morning.  It also optimizes the pick, pack and ship process to increase warehouse productivity by 25%+.

OPAL automates receiving orders from retailers and e-tailers, manages all EDI transactions, processes and invoices orders through a supplier’s ERP and accounting system, and creates shipping labels and custom-branded 3rd party packing slips per any retailer’s or e-tailer’s requirements.  Once shipped, it sends back tracking information and invoices to the retailer or e-tailer, as well as tracking packages and sending inventory updates.

Consumer demands for accurate and timely shipments will only increase over the coming months and your business should plan ahead to be prepared to keep up with this demand.


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