A Supplier’s Experience – Touchless Order Processing

Yes, OPAL processes your drop ship orders in 5-8 seconds, 24×7, with 100% EDI compliance and zero EDI document costs across all of the retailers that you’re working with. 

So what does this REALLY mean to an e-commerce business?  Joe Miller, CEO of REACHbarrier, a company that provides an easy, affordable way for homeowners to save on energy costs by reducing their energy consumption experienced this common problem:

“We have products that sell for $11-$15 and were unable to sell them on-line due to the order processing cost. With OPAL we were able to lower our order processing cost to $.50 cents or less an order, opening up a whole new sales avenue to us. In addition, it used to take two people to process 100 orders per day. Now, we process thousands of orders daily during peak periods.”

In addition, have you ever thought about how many EDI documents you’re paying for per order?  Well, for a simple drop ship order you are going to need at least five, and the average order file size is 1KC (one thousand characters).  Each one costs $.06+ cents to send or receive.  That may not seem like a lot, but here’s what Victoria Bouldin, Vice President of Primetime Petz experienced:

“We sell our pet gates to the top 20 retailers in the market and were paying $1,100 per month in EDI charges. With OPAL all of that is gone.  The other thing that we really like about OPAL is that it has taken all of the errors out of our order processing.  Everything is accurate and everything ships on time.  It’s enabled me to focus on growing the business without having to worry about managing order processing.”

So, yes, OPAL will process your drop ship orders in 5-8 seconds, 24×7, with 100% EDI compliance and zero EDI document costs.  It is the only self-driving drop ship and order fulfillment software solution in the market today.