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The “Perfect” Drop Ship Order – What’s at Stake?

What does a “perfect” drop ship order really mean? If you believe you know, you also know that managing the multitude of moving parts necessary to achieve it can be mind boggling. We’ve written of managing the “perfect order” before and that OPAL (Order Processing and...

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Are Vendor Compliance Penalties Inevitable?

Like the cost of EDI, many suppliers believe that Vendor Compliance Chargebacks are just a cost of doing business and have resigned themselves to accepting less revenue and profit.  But, also like EDI, chargebacks DO NOT have to impact your revenue and profitability. ...

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The Definition of e-Commerce Supplier Success

If you are handling 50+ orders a day, selling to multiple sales channels such as  Amazon, Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Wayfair, e-Commerce sites, etcetera , creating packing slips, creating shipping labels, creating customized pick lists, scanning orders, sending...

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How to Increase Daily Warehouse Shipments AND Revenue $$$

There are some pretty compelling reasons to be a drop ship vendor for one of the big (or small) retailers or e-tailers.  Things like the potential to have better margins, the ability to be nimble and react quickly to market demand, and a revenue steam that isn’t...

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EDI is NOT Forever – That’s Good News

All companies large or small that sell product on-line or for warehouse fulfillment to retailers and e-tailers eventually find themselves in a position where they need to rely on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to communicate with them.  But does EDI really have a...

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How to Increase the Profitability of Drop Ship Orders

Unlike the old days when you were shipping large pallet orders a few times per month, the transition to drop ship orders can be pretty traumatic.  The pain extends all the way from order processing where you are now going through the same old steps, but for...

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Life With and Without Autonomous Order Processing

First thing in the morning:  Hello, my name is Joe. I am an order processing expert Hello, my name is Tracy. OPAL is my order processing expert   Joe: I’m logging into the portals for all my retailers and downloading the orders Tracy:  OPAL works 24x7 so all my orders...

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E-commerce: The Direct to Consumer Shipment Problem

If you’re not already doing direct to consumer (drop ship) orders they are very likely in your future.  While those big, high dollar pallet shipments are never going away, your retail trading partners are certainly scrambling to become more nimble and grow revenues by...

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The Perils of Overselling or Underselling

We all know that having an accurate count of stock is critical.  But how accurate is the individual SKU count that we report to our Retailers?  This is a critical question.  If you have 10 of a specific SKU in stock and are reporting ALL 10 SKUs to ALL RETAILERS – it...

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The Impact of Drop Shipping on Warehouse Management and Cost

We’ve often spoken of the order processing cost associated with drop shipping and OPAL’s ability to do things that reduce that cost to less than $1 per order. But what about the cost of picking, packing and shipping by warehouse personnel?  90% of our customers did...

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“The reason why one man is great and another man is living in mediocrity is simply because one understood the value of time while the other did not.”

― Sunday Adelaja

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