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The retail landscape and consumer expectations are changing rapidly and your retail partners are expecting more and more of you to remain competitive.  This is most evident in the increasing pressure placed on suppliers to drop ship from their warehouse directly to consumer doorsteps at a faster and faster pace.  It impacts suppliers in the areas of order processing, their consumer’s experience, warehousing and even accounting.  Get the speed and efficiency you need; get scalable with OPAL.

Connecting the Supplier Experience to the

Impact of Implementing OPAL


The Supplier Order Processing Experience


  • Your number of sales channels has gone from a few to many
  • Your order volume is changing from a few bulk orders per month to thousands of small parcels
  • The cost to process each order has stayed the same but is now multiplied by a huge number of small parcel orders
  • It’s difficult to accurately represent your item inventory to so many retail sales channels – creating overselling, underselling and chargeback situations
  • Your retail sales channels are making greater and greater compliance demands
  • These compliance requirements are creating even more manual workload
  • The increase in small parcels is causing the cost of EDI to skyrocket



The OPAL Approach to Order Processing & Fulfillment

  • No touch, self-driving order processing
  • Not limited to available trained staff
  • 24×365 processing
  • Virtually unlimited order processing capacity
  • Process Drop Ship orders in less than 8 seconds
  • No downloading / uploading data between systems. Totally touchless automation.
  • Process bulk shipments in fewer steps
  • Real-time, 100% compliant communication with your retail sales channels
  • Real-time communication of order confirmation and package tracking to consumers
  • Accurate, real-time inventory representation to retail sales channels
  • Free EDI transactions no matter the number of orders
  • Order prioritization, splitting and routing

The Supplier Warehouse Experience


  • Your order volume is changing from a few bulk orders per month to thousands of small parcels
  • The cost to pick, pack and ship is now multiplied by a huge number of small parcel orders
  • Your customers’ expectation for order delivery is changing from days to hours
  • Your customers are expecting real-time order confirmation and package tracking


The OPAL Approach to Warehousing

  • Automated Packaging
  • Automated inventory allocation
  • Manage Bill of material and parts inventory
  • No downloading / uploading of packing slips or shipping labels.  Everything is created for you
  • Optimized shipping cost
  • Automated address verification to avoid shipping to a wrong/incomplete address
  • Scanning of Sales Order for order fulfillment accuracy
  • Optimized Kitting
  • Bin Location and Bin Quantity optimization for efficient picking
  • Managed product pricing
  • Validated pricing from your retail sales channel
  • Increased warehouse productivity up to 50%
  • Improved Pick/Pack process based on SKU Size, Bin Location,  and Dropship vs Bulk Orders
  • Manages picker and packer productivity
  • Integrate with your 3PLs in real-time. No manual sending of order information, packing slips and shipping labels.

The Bottom Line

  • Just pick and pack and OPAL does the rest
  • You only need OPAL to run your entire operation
  • No warehouse management system, no shipping software, no EDI company, no retailer portals needed
  • Grow your business without increasing your cost or hiring additional employees

"Every second is of infinite value."

– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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