This past week, the race to drone delivery crept one step closer to reality– the FAA granted Amazon the “air carrier” certificate needed to operate a drone delivery network in the US. As only the third company granted approval, this certificate allows Amazon to carry packages beyond the line of sight of the operator and packages weighing under 5 pounds up to 15 miles in less than 30 minutes.

Amazon believes the future of eCommerce belongs to the company that can deliver packages before the confirmation email arrives in your inbox (The Verge). As the usual trend setter, they seek to be one step ahead of the competition so that they can help mold and influence the industry.

Successful suppliers will begin immediately working to quicken its order processing and warehouse efficiencies to be ready for when this trend eventually arrives. Automation through software is the easiest way to simplify supply chain and logistics for companies of all sizes.


Benefits of Order Processing Software:

  • Save time processing orders: a shift from manual steps to autonomous processes will increase your capacity for additional and accurate orders without the need to hire additional staff.
  • Reduce overhead costs: it takes time to enter data manually and then transfer information into the accounting system, but when automated it happens within a matter of seconds.
  • Increase data control: human error is the inevitable, no matter how careful during data entry. Automation significantly reduces the number of opportunities for error.
  • Faster shipping: automation allows you to quickly send orders straight to your warehouse for shipping.
  • Build stronger relationships with retailers: Retailers expect accurate and timely communication and business processes, and automation provides real time data across all inventory, processing, shipping documentation, etc. so that your eCommerce business reflects its dependability and accuracy.


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