eCommerce businesses and brands have bobbed and weaved through the last two years of challenges, which has led to consumers now expecting brands to connect across multiple channels and provide an omnichannel approach. Connecting across multiple channels not only increases engagement, but has been shown to drastically increase retention rates.

The two primary goals of developing a channel strategy are to have a plan to sell your product to the customer and to deliver a positive customer experience. Understanding the omnichannel approach, while streamlining the backend to keep up with increased sales may prove to be quite challenging in this era of supply chain issues and labor shortages.

Why It’s Necessary?

Diversifying your eCommerce channel strategy is critical with a few big players calling all of the shots. It’s dangerous to put all of your eggs (products) in one basket (marketplace) because if it goes down, it halts sales while your team scrambles to quickly find other channels.

Last year Apple made changes to its privacy policies for data collecting across apps. At that time, Facebook advertising and eCommerce stores were highly dependent on the data available through app collections to target and retarget ads to potential buyers. This change halted business as usual and left many scrambling to find work arounds to keep products moving for business.

Executing a strategy across multiple channels helps reduce the panic and allow for a more resilient business model in chaotic times of change.

What Are the Best-Performing Marketing Channels?

According to Statista, in 2020 there were 256 million digital buyers in the US alone, and as purchasing products online has become a common practice among consumers, it is expected to grow to more than 291 million by 2025. Even amidst the caution and global economic uncertainty, estimates show a steady increase in eCommerce.

Email Marketing

Founder and CEO of eCommerce today encourages businesses to leverage personalized emails to increase conversions and believes it is one of the best-performing channels that can help engage and convert potential clients through personalized emails, particularly if you rely on automation. Though it may be tedious to build and curate a CRM and lead generation, it is quite effective in dripping constant messaging to your leads to sell products when the time is right.

SEO- Driven Content Marketing

As people search for content online, having high quality marketing content with exact keywords will help consumers to organically find your product.

Paid and Organic Search

Finding the right mix between the two is an artform and one that requires constant monitoring. But when done well, this has a significant impact on revenue and products sold. Understanding google analytics is key to understanding what is underperforming and then use the data to strengthen online content. There are numerous online courses (some are even free) to help educate you on how to better market your business and if you’ve grown to the size of needing help, numerous agencies have full teams specializing in this.

Is the Positive Customer Experience Everything?

Even in spite of the supply chain chaos and global shipping delays, providing a positive customer experience never seems to fade in importance.

In fact, 84% of individuals state that the experience provided by a company is just as critical to them as the product they’ve purchased from that company.Even more alarmingly, one in three consumers will walk away from a brand they love after just ONE bad experience. Patience does not seem to be a virtue that many seem to have lately.

Understanding how to best diversity your channel strategies market to,acquire, and retain likeminded customers will become critical as the market continues to grow and become oversaturated.

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