Brick and mortar stores have suffered horribly since March of 2020, when news of Covid began to arise in the US and government officials quickly mandated shelter-in-place orders and social distancing standards to slow the spread of the virus. 

As of July, more than 14,000 stores have closed in 2020 (Forbes) with many more expected to come. This pandemic has left companies who rely primarily on storefront business in horrible financial shape. It has forced businesses to pivot and quickly shift resources to their online presence to remain relevant and viable. It has also shifted consumer spending to more household and personal necessities, only reinforcing retailer’s reliance on e-commerce and their suppliers.

As a supplier to many retailers – have you been able to pivot and keep up?


Order Processing in Under 8 Seconds

Many suppliers are doing more business than ever in this pandemic, with consumers’ needs not only requiring more items to ship but expecting the same two-day turnaround provided prior to the pandemic.

As you may know, order processing with time constrains and increased volume can be your business’s weakness if handled manually or your strength when automated. With OPAL, automation means your backend processing is complete in less than 8 seconds and all that is left to do is pick, pack and ship the product to the customer! 

With the increased volume of orders and the expectation and mandates of social distancing at work limiting the number of people who can work each shift, the simplest solution to increase efficiency is through automating the backend order processing.

In addition to increasing your speed, OPAL saves your business the cost of multiple EDI charges per order. With the increase in volume and the individual drop shipments to customers, your business’s profit margin is diminished with charges like EDI. However, with OPAL, EDI is included in the price of the software and will no longer nickel and dime your business for drop shipping to customers.


Simplify with OPAL

OPAL is the only automated, self-driving order fulfillment software solution in the market today that:

  • Automates receiving orders from retailers and e-tailers
  • Manages all free EDI transactions 
  • Invoices orders in your accounting system
  • Updates inventory across all retailers in real-time to reduce errors
  • Sends inventory feeds to retailers for compliance requirements
  • Creates packing slips, custom branded 3rd party shipping labels per retailer’s requirements, bills of lading and UCC128 labels
  • Sends tracking information and invoices to retailer once shipped

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