As the retail landscape and consumer expectations continue to shift towards more online shopping, your retail partners will continue to shift and expect more and more out of suppliers to remain competitive.

Due to the pandemic, eCommerce has surpassed levels not expected until 2025, and many believe will bring in over $843 billion in sales this year.

With the constant push for suppliers and retailers to grow, where can you adjust processes and become more efficient?

Meet Ken, Supplier of Home Furniture and OPAL Fanatic

Prior to OPAL, his team manually entered all purchase orders by hand into their Accounting System, as well as all FedEx small parcel labels and Bill of Ladings for LTL shipments, which was not only labor intensive but resulted in numerous mistakes, errors and return shipments.

Why Was OPAL a Good Fit for You?

OPAL provided a solution where EDI partner orders can be automatically imported into our system eliminating manual entry. Also, we were able to automatically create and print shipping labels with pre-set rules that made our shipping process much faster. Training for OPAL was under an hour and operating the entire procedure is very simple which made it easy for us to train our employees.

What Results Have You Achieved with OPAL?

Since we started OPAL for our automated processes for order entry and label creation, we were able to focus on the core of the business and the fulfillment processes. Our resources that we have allocated for order entry and shipping label creation opened up for us to use them in other areas. Our trading partners quickly saw the capacity increase in our fulfillment process and we were able to secure a larger number of orders.

What Would You Say to Someone Who is Considering OPAL?

I would highly recommend OPAL to any company who wants to create an automated procedure for order entry and label creation. OPAL support is timely and responsive. Their solutions make sense and can be tailored for many needs that come up during the process. I’m extremely happy with the transition to OPAL because it enabled for me to find the time on focusing other parts of the business.

Process an Order in Under 8 Seconds!

Order processing with time constrains and increased volume can be your business’s weakness if handled manually (or semi-automatically) or your strength when completely automated. With OPAL, automation means your backend processing is complete in less than 8 seconds and all that is left to do is pick, pack and ship the product to the customer! To learn more about the benefits of order processing, read our most recent blog here.

Simplify with OPAL’s 4-in-1 Software Solution
EDI | Order Management | Warehouse Management | Shipping

OPAL is the innovative solution to simplify your small to mid-sized to enterprise business fulfillment needs in todays’ rapidly transforming retail world.

With OPAL, your order processing will allow you to not only reach additional customers to sell more product, but you will build trust and prove dependability with your many sales channels.

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