In a typical year, suppliers and their warehouses have ample time to reset and prepare for the big holiday rush, but 2020 has thrown the supply chain industry for a loop. Consumers have required nonstop shipment of both essential and non-essential items even through Covid and shelter in place regulations, leaving the industry to balance remaining open while still prepping for this year’s holiday rush.

According to Forbes, as life begins to adapt to this new normal, the logistics industry has risen to the occasion to meet consumer demands, but should review the data before settling back into its old normal. Most supply chain business continuity plans are built upon data from the past with little to no consideration of challenges that could arise, making it virtually impossible to plan accordingly for when challenges like the pandemic happen. 

As warehouses continue to evolve, manual operations will simply not cut it. Even if your warehouse seems efficient and manually is able to accept and process tens of hundreds of orders each day from your sales channels –automation through a software like OPAL will make the warehouse more efficient, instead of serving as the organization’s bottleneck to achieving timely shipments and higher revenue levels goals.

How OPAL Clients Succeed in Warehouse Efficiency
Most warehouses simply are not capable of manually processing the incoming volume of pallets AND picking, packing and shipping the tens of hundreds of drop ship orders– it is incredibly labor intensive.  To overcome this, selecting a simplified approach through software automation allows your warehouse to efficiently pick, pack and ship and optimize warehouse productivity.

OPAL simplifies the backend fulfillment and creates picklists, packing slips, shipping labels, UCC129 labels and Bills of Lading for you — all without human intervention to save a great deal of time and reduce human error.

Improving warehouse efficiency is a core benefit to partnering with OPAL and will provide your warehouse with the following productivity enhancements, just to name a few: 

  1. Picklists that route pickers through the warehouse in the most efficient manner – drastically minimizing time and motion in the pick process. 
  2. Picklists that pick the items in the business priority required based on carrier arrival times or sales channel priority.
  3. Scanning during the pick process to ensure the right item is being picked and inventory is being decremented accurately in real-time.
  4. Scanning during the shipment process to ensure that all item orders are accurate, none have been missed and tracking numbers are being sent to your sales channels in real-time.

Introducing OPAL software into a warehouse is proven to increase productivity by as much as 50%, significantly improving your chances for achieving shipments and the realized revenue goals desired.

Simplify with OPAL’s 4-in-1 Software Solution
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