In the quest to simplify, many eCommerce businesses add process after process until the bottleneck quickly becomes the sheer volume of software solutions that have been implemented for each individual area of the business—negating the simplification of automation.

With the upcoming holiday season at the forefront of every eCommerce business’ mind, many of the make-or-break moments start with the decisions made today.  Consumers are eager to return to normal, but with the Delta variant cases spiking globally, this means another extended online shopping period to meet holiday demands with many shipping and distribution issues in sight.

If your software solutions are lacking an overarching system that allows everything to work and meet this upcoming holiday season of shoppers, where should your business start?

As businesses continue to grow, it’s normal to implement one software application to support one area of the business.  As time goes on, however, you may find that you’ve grown to have an accounting software, shipping software, inventory management software, and many others that manage the critical components of your business – but nothing that helps tie it all together.

Similar to a supplier of pet greens and an OPAL fanatic, their system was cumbersome to use and expensive to maintain, but more importantly was not providing the results and simplicity they needed. 

By implementing one overarching system that integrated across multiple platforms, their business was able grow in a more cost-effective manner.  Not only were the reporting functions more robust, but EDI decreased, fulfillment errors decreased and the business grew exponentially because they were ready for the increased volume.

Reduce Bottlenecks
In this era of Covid, changes in eCommerce happen FAST and businesses that think ahead and are prepared for the bumps, are the ones who succeed.  In this small lull between end of summer, back to school and the upcoming holiday season – now’s the time to quickly review processes and identify slow points so that you may integrate solutions for success in the coming months.

Similar to a supplier of kitchen fixtures and OPAL fanatic, after assessing the processes in place the team identified the large backlog of orders at the end of the day was due to separate shipping and packing stations.  It was also difficult to identify data on the number of orders packed per packer or orders left unpacked at the end of the day because the data was not accurately captured in each of the siloed areas’ processes.

By streamlining with OPAL, they were able to increase productivity and reduce the bottlenecks in each of the siloed areas through automation with one software.  

Reduce Costs
In the shift over the past few years from pallet shipping to retailers to thousands upon thousands of shipments directly to individual consumers, eCommerce businesses have been left to foot the increased cost of EDI. 

Similar to a supplier of home furnishings and OPAL fanatic, time and cost were the two largest expenses with prior EDI services.  EDI is typically charged per transaction and a timely process if manual intervention is required, so finding a solution to reduce this was essential. 

In addition to free EDI, OPAL focuses on order management, warehouse management and shipping – all with the same software platform that allows businesses to reduce costs across all processes – not just EDI. To learn more about EDI and why it’s still relevant, click here.


Simplify with OPAL’s 4-in-1 Software Solution
EDI | Order Management |Warehouse Management | Shipping

OPAL is the innovative solution to simplify your business fulfillment needs in today’s rapidly transforming retail world 

Implementing OPAL software into your business will reduce the cost of multiple software packages needed and provide the overarching platform support needed to bring each of the individual processes together for success this upcoming holiday season.

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