In an age where consumers expect their needs to be met quickly at the click of a button, pressure is on for a rapid growth of eCommerce businesses and their infrastructure.

It’s critical to evolve and build a strong infrastructure to meet the modern consumers’ needs, and inventory management is often the most overlooked piece of supply chain management.

What is a Dark Store?

A new concept that is rising as local micro-fulfillment centers, or warehouses, are strategically placed and dedicated to fulfilling online orders. Dark stores are not open to customers and are “dark” to the public, but serve as drop off points for suppliers and collection points for delivery services.

They emerged to solve issues with high demand, slow shipping, and the desire to remain dark without needing to build an infrastructure that requires foot traffic to sell product.

It’s a win/win for eCommerce businesses because it provides the additional warehousing needed to hold more inventory for orders and reduces shipping times by choosing dark stores closest to your most active regions across the country.

Why is Inventory Management So Important?

Poor inventory management can have repercussions felt throughout the organization that detrimentally affect its bottom line. Too much inventory and over-ordering complicates warehouse management and can result in a loss due to outdated or expired product or items going out of season and style. Whereas too little inventory means lost sales opportunities and potentially damaging relationships with your partner sales channels.

Software solutions and automation are critical components to success in this market, especially when considering storing inventory across multiple dark stores while continuing to sell online on multiple retailer marketplaces.

Knowing your inventory level is accurate will help you to plan better for your warehousing needs and to keep up with customer demands.

Benefits to automation also include cost savings, cash flow improvement, real-time inventory management data, reduction in errors and incorrect sales, which ultimately all impacts retailer and customer satisfaction.

Software solutions help your eCommerce business to improve forecasting and better optimize and balance inventory based on demand seen through data, which then improves warehouse management with storage, distribution and fulfillment processes.

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