As we continue to hear more in the news every day about delays and capacity constraints as the new normal in every form of shipping, it becomes more crucial that eCommerce businesses reduce errors so that the inventory on hand can efficiently get to the customers who have purchased it.

Online shopping continues to grow and in addition to the shipping challenges, many product supply chains are also overstretched and unable to keep up with capacity. Errors not only eat up small profit margins, but sour customer loyalty.

As eCommerce businesses weather this storm of supply chain and shipping challenges, have you considered automating your fulfillment and shipping processes for efficiency during this hardship?


Meet This Supplier of Kitchen & Bath Décor and OPAL Fanatic

Prior to Opal, this team was experiencing the typical headaches and challenges that most business owners have with keeping up with sales with manual processes in eCommerce.

They were manually processing orders, which was very time-consuming because the fulfillment team would have to consolidate orders from different e-commerce channels, manually generate shipping labels, and manually upload tracking information into each partner’s vendor portal.

There were also the occasional (and costly) human errors that resulted in items being mis-shipped or already fulfilled orders mistakenly fulfilled again.  In the beginning, they only had a few SKUs and the manual tracking worked, but as her company and the number of SKUs grew— inventory tracking became a nightmare.

Low-inventory items oftentimes were double-sold, and then inventory mistakes would mean they would have to cancel orders and give the customer a poor experience. Finding items in the warehouse was also difficult, since there was no way for inventory/warehouse staff to track. All of this contributed to a slow shipping turnaround time and provided the customer with a poor experience—regardless of the amount of hard work that went into the manual processes to get products shipped to customers. 

Why Was Opal a Good Fit for You?

We decided to go with OPAL because of the high level of customizability to make the system fit our very specific needs. We also felt that for what it was, the system was a good value.

What Results Have You Achieved with OPAL?

We have benefited tremendously from the automation OPAL provides. From an order processing standpoint, the system automatically generates labels and pick lists, making our fulfillment process highly efficient. Our team is now able to process more orders in less time than before. 

The automation also provides peace of mind, as our team is unable to fulfill the same order twice, or fulfill an order with the wrong item. Inventory tracking is also much easier. The system is able to record bin locations so our warehouse team is able to easily find and pick items from inventory.

What Would You Say to Someone Who is Considering OPAL?

OPAL was the right system for us and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering an inventory tracking and order processing system. However, anyone considering OPAL should understand that the system wasn’t perfect “out of the box”. We worked hard with the OPAL team during the onboarding process to customize the system to our needs. 

If you are considering OPAL, this can absolutely be the system for you, but you need to clearly understand what your operating pain points are and what your ideal system needs to look like, and you must be ready to communicate extensively with the OPAL team to build that ideal system. This doesn’t happen overnight (for us, it happened in waves over the course of weeks and months), but in retrospect, the lengthy process was worth it and I would absolutely do it again.

This OPAL fanatic and customer realized that her teams’ manual errors were costing them financially with products shipping to wrong addresses or overselling products across various sales channels due to errors in reported inventory.  But she quickly learned how easily these errors were reduced through simplifying with automation.

Simplify with OPAL’s 4-in-1 Software Solution
EDI | Order Management | Warehouse Management | Shipping

OPAL is the innovative solution to simplify your small to mid-sized to enterprise business fulfillment needs in today’s rapidly transforming retail world. 

With OPAL, your order processing will allow you to not only reach additional customers to sell more product, but you will build trust and prove dependability with your many sales channels.

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