The very first Super Bowl game was in January of 1967 and ever since then, Americans across the country have been hooked on this single football game providing some of the highest viewership records across sporting events and creating bidding pools for companies willing and able to pay the large dollars to advertise.

In 2023, a 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs a record-high average of $7 million, according to Forbes.  In one year, the value of 30-seconds has increased by half a million dollars – but with such high inflation and tight times for consumers, many are starting to ask what they get in return?

As an eCommerce business, you may not have the money to market front and center on screen the day of the game, but there are many ways to be present and available to consumers.

Social Media to Boost Exposure

Many small businesses will look for opportunities for exposure during the big game.  It’s not feasible financially to pay the price for 30 seconds of ad space, but posting content through social media platforms that is relevant to the topics and hashtags present will help give your posts a natural boost.

Using paid ads and influencers to market your products is another way to get your ads in front of users.  Having influencers highlight your products at a super bowl party with links and discount codes will provide access to a wider audience than your typical posts or marketplace sponsored ads. Utilizing keywords and hashtags similar to those of the competing teams and products will also help increase your impressions and clicks.

Customer Service is Key

With money tight and inflation, consumers are incredibly price sensitive and utilize eCommerce to find the best price available.  When price is the same across competitors, providing strong customer service is a valuable differentiator.  If you’re currently only marketing products through marketplaces, the absence of errors – whether in inventory or shipping efficiency — provides strong customer service and helps build loyalty to your product and marketplace.

Be Ready for Anything

Part of the excitement is not knowing what will succeed and which ads will take off.  A large company that advertises during the super bowl could bring added awareness to similar products and being ready to fulfill orders and having accurate inventory across your various platforms could be the difference in you getting the sale over competitors.

 As an estimated 96 million viewers join together to watch ads and football over a 4-hour time block, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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