Suppliers face many challenges today, with the emphasis shifting away from brick and mortar and towards e-commerce, suppliers need to constantly grow and evolve in ways that improve both relationships with sales channels and with customers. 

Sales channels are also quickly evolving to shift with consumer trends and desire to provide the best online products and customer service to customers who have several competitors to choose from, knowing that the sale comes down to consistency in service, quality products and unique offerings. 

With so many areas of focus for suppliers, what develops a solid relationship and builds trust with your retailers?


The Power of the Score Card
Every e-commerce retailer has developed its own score card unique to its standards and expectations so that suppliers have a clear understanding of its brand reputation, its promises to the customers, and guidelines for success to continue to partner and provide customers with the highest quality products and experience.

In addition to protecting its brand through communicated expectations, the score card provides the retailer the opportunity to provide feedback and take action in the case expectations are not met. Underperforming suppliers are hurting e-commerce retailer’s competitive advantage in the marketplace and are costing them financially due to rework and errors.  Across the industry this can be worth billions of dollars each year in unnecessary costs.


Nurture Your Relationship with Retailers
If you want to be a valued and trusted supplier, it is important to show your reliability and consistency in performance. Retailers are concerned about short shipments, late shipments, missed shipments, invalid tracking information and late deliveries to the consumer because ultimately it is the retailer that will pay the consequences and their brand suffers.

In order to nurture your relationship with retailers, you should focus on:

Compliance with retailer’s business processes:

      • This compliance makes you valuable to a retailer by reducing their expenses surrounding order issues and rework. This includes processing a retailer’s orders, complying with all of the necessary transactions, PO pricing, packaging, labeling, shipping documentation and accurate, frequent inventory feeds.

Scalability of your business upward, delivering more on-time orders each day:

      • This provides the retailer with the ability to increase sales capacity – especially if you can process orders 24×7.  Once again, this makes you valuable to a retailer and will result in your revenue increasing from that retailer.  However, to do this without also increasing your operating costs, you need real-time order processing software that manages without human involvement, 24×7.  

Maximizing your warehouse’s efficiency:

    • To do this requires installing the analytics and tools required to dramatically increase the number of shipments that can be made each day and tracking their accuracy.  To learn more about making your warehouse efficient with OPAL, click here.


Simplify with OPAL’s 4-in-1 Software Solution
EDI | Order Management |Warehouse Management | Shipping

If you want to be valued and trusted supplier to your retailers, it is important to be responsive and meet the expectations clearly communicated.

The bottom line is that OPAL addresses all of this for you and so much more.  It combines all of your order processing and warehouse management activities into one autonomous software platform without the need for all of the multiple software systems.


OPAL is the innovative solution to simplify your business fulfillment needs in today’s rapidly transforming retail world.  To learn more, click here! 


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