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Common EDI Documents: 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement

The 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement*** is used by the supplier to indicate to the buyer that their purchase order will be filled as requested. Specific details such as items, price and quantities delivered will be represented in the document. The buyer then knows...

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Common EDI Documents: 856 Advance Ship Notice/Manifest

The 856 Advance Ship Notice/ Manifest*** is used by the supplier to indicate to the buyer the contents of the shipment it is associated with. Specific details such as order information, physical characteristics and product descriptions, and carrier information will be...

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Common EDI Documents: 940 Warehouse Shipping Order

The 940 Warehouse Shipping Order* is used to advise the warehouse that a shipment is to be made to the designated 'ship to' on behalf of the depositor, and provides detailed information concerning a warehouse shipment. What makes up the 940 Warehouse Shipping Order...

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Common EDI Documents: 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice

The 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice** is used to advise the depositor that a shipment was made, and also contains information that assists in the reconciliation of order quantities with shipment quantities.  What makes up the 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice document?...

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Common EDI Documents: 997 Functional Acknowledgement

The 997 Functional Acknowledgement is used to acknowledge receipt of an EDI document. What makes up the 997 Functional Acknowledgement document? Elements could include Transaction Set Header, Functional Group Response Header, Transaction Set Response Header, Data...

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What is a Value-added Network?

A Value-added network, also known as VAN, is a hosted service offering that acts as an intermediary between business partners sharing standards based or proprietary data via shared business processes. VAN is a private network provider that is hired by a company to...

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