Empowering Better Business with Opal

More Profit and Less Pain

It doesn’t matter if you are doing distribution center fulfillment, big box brick and mortar fulfillment or drop shipping directly to consumers.  For most businesses the holiday season is extremely busy, time consuming and even frustrating.   Especially if you’re not...

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Advantages of Being a Drop Ship Vendor

If you are a drop ship vendor (DSV), you understand the challenges and costs associated with EDI, the labor intensive activity associated with fulfilling small orders and the struggle with profitability on some items. If you’re not currently a DSV, you may still have...

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Making More Money on Drop Ship Orders

E-commerce drop shipping is a tough way to make a living.  At best, all is OK if everything works perfectly.  But that pursuit of a consistently “perfect order” is illusive and hard to achieve.  There always seems to be exceptions.  In fact, most businesses, where...

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The $0 EDI Document Drop Ship Order

Yes, OPAL will process your orders with 100% EDI compliance and zero EDI document costs – in 8 seconds or less, 24 hours a day – even when there’s no one in the office.  But maybe, even more importantly, OPAL is configured to each business’ financial needs and...

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The 8 Second Drop Ship Order Process

Yes, OPAL will process your drop ship orders in 8 seconds or less, 24 hours a day, with 100% EDI compliance and zero EDI document costs across all of the retailers and e-tailers that you’re working with.  But maybe, even more importantly, OPAL is configured to each...

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Order Processing or Order Fulfillment?

A simple order processing system downloads current orders to your computer and you must make decisions on what to do next.  This would be considered a manual order processing system – even if you’re using a computer and software applications to do it.  For the short...

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Drop Shipping and Your Bottom Line

Drop shipping is not in the future – it is now!  The big box retailers like Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, Target etc. and, certainly the .com e-tailers, do not want to warehouse supplier products and are requiring their suppliers to store and ship the products to...

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EDI Made Simple

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) was initially developed in the 1980’s as a way to send and receive data between computers.  At that time it was simple and easy to use.  With today’s constantly changing business needs an EDI solution with advanced features is needed....

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Still Paying for EDI Documents?

All companies large or small that are selling products on-line or for warehouse fulfillment to big box retailers like Walmart, Sears, Kohls, Home Depot, etc. or through e-tailers like Wayfair, Overstock, Hayneedle, etc. need EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). It’s a...

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What Does Automation Mean to You?

Chances are that you’ve automated your e-commerce business.  However, even the smallest of e-commerce businesses are complex and need some kind of automation to manage everything.  But, what does automation mean to you and how automated are you? You may think you are...

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The Benefits and Shortfalls of ERP Systems

If you are running a complex business, you probably have or are considering the acquisition of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. It could be QuickBooks Enterprise, NetSuite, Sage, or one designed specifically for an industry like BlueCherry.  The concept...

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The Dollars and Cents of Drop Shipping

When processing drop ship orders it can be difficult to achieve efficiency and adequate margins.  For example: if your item retails for relatively low dollar amount what kind of margin can you achieve?  Can you even afford to drop ship it? There are a lot of factors...

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“The reason why one man is great and another man is living in mediocrity is simply because one understood the value of time while the other did not.”

― Sunday Adelaja