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Is Your Order Process “Automated” or “Autonomous”?

Now, really think about the difference for a minute.  My guess is that most everyone would say that they are “Automated”.  There’s probably an EDI service that downloads Purchase Orders from the retailer into an Accounting System or ERP System, and it probably also...

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Who Needs EDI Anymore?

EDI continues to be a significant part of a supplier’s life.  It’s mandated by many of your retailers or e-tailers, whether it be for drop shipping product directly to consumers or doing warehouse fulfillment.  However, over the last 20 years a major shift has opened...

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More Profit, More Orders and No EDI Cost

More profit per drop ship order, increasing the number of orders without adding staff to process them and doing it without paying for EDI documents.  What’s not to like?  Assume that you could: Handle 95%+ of your drop ship orders entirely autonomously (think...

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3 HUGE Drop Shipping Problems to Fix

Anyone that drop ships product directly to consumers is painfully aware of these issues: The order processing labor cost to process small orders and the impact it has on the order’s profit. Growing your drop ship business doesn’t solve the problem – you end up needing...

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5 Things your EDI Company Will Never Tell You

Do you really need a 3rd party EDI Company or VAN (Value Added Network) to send and receive data such as POs, Acknowledgements, Ship Notices, Invoices, etc. to your retailers?  With a very small number of exceptions, the answer is NO.  Fortunately for these companies,...

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The Importance of Accurate Inventory Reporting to Retailers

As I’m sure you are aware, many retailers and e-tailers require their suppliers to provide SKU inventory quantities on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure that they can fulfill the orders received or be able to determine that an item is out of stock.  It sounds...

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First, you need to know that EDI is nothing more than a format for a specific record type such as a PO, Acknowledgement, Ship Notice, Invoice, etc.  Depending on the retailer, there may be other non-EDI record formats, such as XML, CSV, etc. in which you can...

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What is the Future of EDI?

All companies large or small that sell product on-line or for warehouse fulfillment to retailers and e-tailers eventually find themselves in a position where they need to rely on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to communicate with them.   It’s a hassle, forcing many...

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Bulk Orders AND Drop Ship Orders? Show Me the Money!

Currently, much if not all, of your order processing may be in the fulfillment of bulk orders: LTL, truck load or container shipments.  While not simple by any means, bulk shipment orders have high revenue values and can absorb a lot of order processing and handling...

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May You Never Have to Drop Ship!

If you’re not already doing it, here’s hoping you never find yourself in the position where you have to drop ship your products directly to consumers.  It is a time consuming, detailed and often painful process with a great deal of pressure on profit margins. ...

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Can You Hire an Order Processing Team for $800 a Month?

Do you have a drop ship order processing team that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week for $800 a month?  Probably not, but this is what OPAL, an Autonomous Order Processing Solution gives you.  And, you do not need to have a one size fits all solution.  In fact:...

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“The reason why one man is great and another man is living in mediocrity is simply because one understood the value of time while the other did not.”

― Sunday Adelaja